“Dear Friends”

Maybe because it was the seed for my involvement w/ The Firesign Theatre, Dear Friends has always been a favorite. The spontaneity and camaraderie in these live radio broadcasts is further evidence of Firesign’s genius. It’s that “live” feel that is the foundation for their best studio albums.

5 Responses to ““Dear Friends””

  1. elayneriggs says:

    I always liked Dwarf best. I felt it held together tremendously, it was both nostalgic and ahead of its time, it skewered media wonderfully, and it “starred” David which I really liked. One of the highlights of my life was listening to that album with David when he stayed over my apartment one night years and years ago. Fangirl heaven!!

  2. Cecil Sessile says:

    A favorite of mine as well. I’ve met David and Judith, both thoroughly good people.

  3. atomicelroy says:

    That’s like picking a favorite child, impossible.
    I love Bozo’s for the depth and denseness, it’s like comedy fugue at times.
    Everything You Know for it’s linear cinematic bizarre plot.
    I’m quite fond of Give me Immortality

  4. Mr. Presky says:

    I agree with your dizziness. DF was always where I went to for a quick fix. Deputy Dan Has No Friends, The Chinchilla Show, 40 Great Unclaimed Melodies….where do you start? The live stuff just had a different magic.

    “I was a cock-teaser for Roosterama. I used to enraged the bantams before the big bout!!

  5. jahgust says:

    Dear Friends is for me I think their peak! The raw radio shows before the syndication edits are just wonderful and I listen to those more often than not.
    True though it does depend on the day I suppose! i hope that these get released officially at some point.

    “Ever sit on an antique Cheese log chair?”