“Chromium Switch” The Firesign Theatre E-Magazine

Tom Gedwillo and Phil Fountain are pleased to announce an exclusive Firesign publication. Featuring interviews, photos, letters to the editor, cartoons, and news.  A four-issue (1 year) subscription is just $20, or choose single issue ($5) or newsletter ($3). New subscribers will be automatically entered in a drawing for autographed Firesign Theatre items.  Premiere issue #1 features interviews with Phil Proctor and William Stout, excerpts from “the Edgar Letters,” and special content you’ll only find in “Chromium Switch.”

One Response to ““Chromium Switch” The Firesign Theatre E-Magazine”

  1. elayneriggs says:

    Save copies for me and I’ll send you the $20 when we’re no longer a one-income family…